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Preparing for your first Time Trial


You don’t need to train at all to do you first time trial. You’ll want a base level of cycling fitness, but if you’re a regular cyclist you’ll have that. Nevertheless, the effort level will come as a surprise. Have a go at riding flat out for several miles, just so you know what it feels like. Use this opportunity to check that your riding position is okay when riding at full speed.

Ride more often

If you want to do some training, remember that any training regime is only going to make a difference over weeks, not days. Add to the frequency of your rides rather than the intensity. That’s your fitness base.

Interval Training

If you want to get your body used to ‘changing up a gear’, try some basic interval training. Go out for your normal ride and after you’ve warmed up, pick a landmark you can see – like a tree or house – and race up to it. If it’s close, sprint, if it’s half a mile away, ride harder but don’t flat-out sprint. Once you’ve reached it, ease off for a few minutes, then repeat.

Whatever your riding regime, make sure you don’t do any hard rides for a couple of days before you race. Your body needs time to recover.

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