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Getting Started

Getting Started

If you’re over 12 years old, you can have a go at time trialling without first joining a cycling club, because many run ‘Come and Try It’ events. The idea is that you come and try it to see if you want to join the club and take up time trialling. If you go to the ‘Contact us’ page, we’ll help you get in touch with a local club that run ‘Come and Try It’ events. You can do up to 3 ‘Come and Try It’ events before joining the club.

Joining a cycling club

If you have a go and get the taste of time trialling, you’ll need to join a club that’s affiliated to CTT, the sport’s governing body. There are more than 1000 around the country, and membership usually costs around £15 – £20 per year. The club secretary will send you a list of club events, and you can ride any of them. As well as the annual membership, you pay an on-the-day entry fee, that’s often around £3.

The next level of events

If you enjoy club events the next move up is to ‘Open Events’ which are bigger, attracting riders from across the region or sometimes the country. You have to enter in advance for an Open Event and the fee will usually be a bit higher. You don’t need a racing licence for either type of event membership in a CTT affiliated club is sufficient. Just one thing to note, if you’re under 18 you must have a parent/guardian’s authorisation – you can download the form here.

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